ATENTIV has taken the appropriate steps to first establish the effectiveness of ATENTIVmynd™ Games through rigorous studies. To date, there have been eight studies with more than 348 children and two studies in 271 senior adults. Five studies were randomized, controlled studies where participants either trained with ATENTIVmynd™ Games or were in the control group (control participants were either put on a waiting list or received other therapy options).

All study participants played the ATENTIVmynd™ Games 3-4 times per week for 20 – 25 minutes at a time, for approximately 8 hours over 6-8 weeks.

The studies used nationally recognized gold standard measures and the results demonstrated significant improvements against the control comparison groups. According to clinicians and parents, participants who trained with the ATENTIVmynd™ Games demonstrated a consistent improvement in attention impulse control behavior and self regulation. These behavior improvements were maintained as long as children were followed, from three to six months.

In addition, the studies used validated academic measures which demonstrated that participants using the ATENTIVmynd™ Games showed significant improvements in processing (fluency) abilities in math and reading which validated skills transfer to school and life. On a standardized test of academic achievement, participants improved on average by over half a grade level. Participants also were able to accurately complete 30 to 40% more questions on a timed math test, demonstrating they were better at staying on task while taking a test. In other words, they were more able to demonstrate their true knowledge on tests because they were completing more questions accurately.

We also used standardized classroom metrics to test whether parents and teachers saw genuine improvements in important academic areas. Parents reported a 35% reduction in problems related to successfully completing homework and teachers reported a 25% improvement in the ability to complete written work during class. Both parents and teachers also reported significant improvements in the participants’ abilities to plan and initiate tasks.

ATENTIVmynd™ Games are engaging and only require 8 hours, approximately 20 minutes at a time, over 6-8 weeks, to see significant executive function skill improvements in home behavior and academic performance. These skill improvements were sustained well after training had stopped. So far we have followed children three - six months out from training completion and plan to study sustainability of improvements over longer periods.

Here is a snapshot of our data from 2 schools for children with learning difficulties. You can learn more by checking out our bibliography.

Figure 1
Attention and Impulse Control Behaviors

Atentiv conducted several studies in which clinicians, parents, and teachers rated their child’s symptoms of inattention and impulsivity using the ADHD-RS, which stands for Attention Deficity/Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scale. On this scale, higher scores mean more negative symptoms.

This graph shows that parents reported a 32% decrease in their children’s symptoms after just eight weeks of ATENTIVmynd™ Training, with sustained improvement of at least 20 weeks - five months.

Figure 2
Homework Completion Problems

It turns out parents agree with trained professionals when it comes to their children. Using the same rating scale, clinicians reported a 38% reduction in symptoms.

Figure 3
Timed Math Test

Parents also reported a significant increase in completion and correctly solving math problems by their children after ATENTIVmynd™ Training.

Figure 4
Grammar Task

Attention improvements from ATENTIVmynd™ Solution transfers to academic skills. In this study, children were asked to take a timed math test. After ATENTIVmynd™ Training, the number of problems they were able to correctly complete improved by up to 35%.

Figure 5
Woodcock-Johnson III Academic Achievement Tests

On a standardized academic achievement test, after two months of ATENTIVmynd™ Training, children showed improvements in Math Fluency (processing skills) that would be expected after eight months. They showed a gain of over six months in Reading Fluency after the same two-month (eight week) ATENTIVmynd™ Training.


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