AV Headset from Atentiv

The ™ Headset’s sleek, comfortable, lightweight design allows measurement of the brain’s electrical activity through sensors gently touching the forehead and the mastoids behind your ears. The brain’s electrical signals are amplified from the sensor contacts, communicated to the tablet wirelessly from the ™ Headset, and serve as the primary driver of each mission within each ATENTIVmynd™ Game application. The ™ Headset sensors enable the player to use their actual attention levels to control the outcome of each mission within each game along with certain hand gestures such as swipes and taps on your tablet or computer.

Each ATENTIVmynd™ Game is the virtual world where the component cognitive skills of attention and impulse control are developed and mastered through interactive play. Each ATENTIVmynd™ Game is designed to engage and hold your child’s interest with challenging missions, quality characters and a fascinating story, which will quickly become an activity your child considers fun and engaging.


Safety Compliance Statement

The ™ Headset has been designed to meet US, Europe and Asia consumer safety standards. The ™ Headset operates as a sensitive microphone that reads EEG brain activity and sends these signals to the host game tablet. The ™ Headset does not transmit electricity or anything else into the brain or through the body. Features of the ™ Headset include:

  • Supports wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) one way connection to a host game tablet
  • Uses state of the art dry sensor technology on the forehead and mastoid locations
  • Lightweight design that folds easily for mobility
  • Locator alarm feature to help children locate if AV Headset is lost in the home
  • Designed to meet US, Europe and Asia safety standards

General Product Safety Compliance

UL/CSA 60950-1 NRTL Certification
IEC 60950-1 Certification Body (CB) Scheme report and certificate
IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 Information Technology Equipment Electrical Safety
UL 2054 Household and Commercial Batteries - US (Battery Packs)
IEC/EN 62133 Secondary cells and batteries - EU (Nickel and lithium ion cells and batteries intended for portable applications)

Wireless Compliance

47 CFR Part 15.247 Wireless (Bluetooth Radio) Testing - FCC & IC
TCB/FCB certification for US & Canada
Radio Canada
(ICES -0003 Issue 5)
Test reports for FCC
Test reports for IC
2014/53/EU Bluetooth Radio Equipment Directive (RED) - replaces R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
UL 2054 Household and Commercial Batteries - US (Battery Packs)
IEC 55024/55022 Information Technology Equipment Immunity and Radio Disturbance (EMC)

Green/Environmental Compliance

2011/65/EU RoHS screening with wet chemical
Design & Recovery Target (Recycling & Recovery percentages)
2012/19/EU WEEE REACH 161 SVHC Chemical Analysis
1907/2006 REACH 161 SVHC Chemical Analysis (Packaging)
1907/2006 EU Packaging Directive/Toxics
94/62/EC CPSIA (Pb, Cd, Phthalates)
CalProp 65 PAH Testing
1272/2013/EU Battery REACH 161 SVHC
Battery Heavy metal Test

Child Safety Compliance

CPSIA Child Safety - US test package for Consumer Product Safety Information Act (CPSIA)
CCPSA Child Safety - Canada test package for Canada Consumer Product
Children’s Safe Safety Act (CCPSA)
Products Act Washington State CHCC Testing & Report


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